Buffalo Chicken Toasted Ravioli

Toasted ravioli may be my favorite appetizer of all time.  Anytime I see it on the menu, it is mine!  A pizza place near us has it on the menu and whenever it is my turn to choose where to order pizza from, you better believe it is Rosati's, mostly for the toasted ravioli. A … Continue reading Buffalo Chicken Toasted Ravioli


Chicken Enchilada Dip

You know I love some enchiladas.  Who doesn't?  What is better than that?  I'll tell you... Chicken enchilada DIP!  Such a great appetizer that is super easy to make and always a crowd pleaser. You can change up the recipe to include all of your favorite ingredients and garnish it with you favorite toppings.  I … Continue reading Chicken Enchilada Dip