Quick Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce

Do you ever have days where you are extra hungry?  Those are the days that a salad just won’t cut it for dinner.  Most recently, pasta was on the menu for dinner on my hungry day.

Growing up, we had pasta with plan tomato or meat sauce.  Maybe some garlic bread.  Who doesn’t love that?  You can’t go wrong.  I try to change it up sometimes though with different sauces or veggies and meat.  Usually, I just use whatever I have in the refrigerator (shocker…).

After I bought a huge bunch of fresh basil at the farmers market, I made all of the usual basil recipes.  Bruschetta. Pesto.  This was the perfect time for a quick and easy tomato basil sauce to toss with some pasta.

I don’t keep cream in my refrigerator usually, so to make the sauce creamy, I improvised.  With just three ingredients, this is such a great pasta sauce to spice up pasta night.


2 cups marinara or meat sauce (store bought is perfectly fine but I happen to have some of my grandma’s homemade sauce in the freezer — score!)

2-3 Tbsp Greek yogurt

8-10 fresh basil leaves

In a pot, heat the marinara sauce over medium low heat.  Once it is warm, slowly stir in the Greek yogurt until it is fully mixed and the sauce is a pink color.

Chop the basil into small pieces.  Remove the sauce from the heat and add the basil.  Stir.

Cook your favorite pasta according to the box and toss with the tomato basil sauce.  Serve with a fresh salad or garlic bread.  To mix things up, you can bake the pasta topped with extra mozzarella cheese and add in chicken sausage, veggies or anything of your other favorites.



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