Bang Bang Chicken Pasta

You know that really delicious sweet and spicy shrimp appetizer you love at restaurants? With the amazing sauce?  The one you wish you could have for dinner?  Yeah, I love it too.  And I made it into an amazing pasta dish.

With minimal ingredients (aka – I bet you have all but one ingredient in your house right now), this is a perfect weeknight meal.  Precook the chicken and you can have dinner on the table in 15 minutes.

Try out this recipe for dinner soon and get ready for your family to ask for seconds!


2-3 chicken breasts – baked or grilled with salt + pepper

1/2 box pasta

1/2 cup mayo

1/2 cup sweet chili sauce – you can find this at the grocery store near the BBQ and hot sauces

2 tsp honey

Cook the pasta per the instructions on the box.  Drain when it is cooked and add it back to the hot pot.

While the pasta cooks, slice or dice the chicken into pieces.

For the sauce, mix the mayo, sweet chili sauce and honey together really well.


Add the sauce to the cooked and drained pasta in the warm pot reserving a few spoonfuls of sauce.  Toss the pasta and sauce until it is coated and warm over medium low heat.  Add in the chicken for the last few minutes to make sure everything is tossed in the sauce and warm.

Once the pasta and chicken is in the bowl or on your plate, top each serving with the remaining sauce.  You’re all set for a super simple and really delicious dinner!




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