Mac & Cheese

I found out I have a wheat allergy and a dairy allergy when I was in college.  I’m supposed to stay away from those things to avoid headaches.  Pizza and mac and cheese are some of the hardest things for me to not eat because they are SO good.  Can Velveeta really be considered dairy though?? 🙂

This is absolutely the best, creamiest mac and cheese I’ve ever had.  There are no fancy cheeses and I don’t typically add any extra toppings, but it is always amazing.  What is even better is that you can make this in one pot.


1 lb box of elbow macaroni noodles

1/2 of a large box of Velveeta

3-4 cups of milk

3 Tbsp butter or margarine


Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil.  Add the noodles and cook for 5 minutes less than the box says.  The goal is to make sure they are still pretty al dente.  Drain the noodles and dump them back in the hot pot.  Pour enough milk into the pot to just come to the top of the noodles.  Cut the butter into pieces and add to the pot.


Turn the heat on the stove as low as it will go.

In the meantime, cut the Velveeta into cubes and try not to eat too many of them.  Or just, cut up extra cheese and snack away.  Add the cubed cheese to the pot with the noodles, butter and milk.


Now, here comes the key to making this recipe.  Don’t stir everything up.  Just let it heat through on very low for about 30 minutes or so. You’ll see the butter and cheese start to melt.  You can push the noodles around a little bit with a spatula, but you don’t want to stir too much and make the noodle mushy.  You can even turn the heat off after 20 or 25 minutes and just let everything finish melting.

Once the cheese is fully melted, carefully stir just long enough to combine.  You can add a little bit more milk if it gets dry.


Try adding your favorite toppings too.  We love adding back and green onion. Yum!




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