Fall Decorating

Fall is definitely my favorite season.  Cooler weather, pumpkin patches, Halloween, carving pumpkins.  I always try to decorate our house with some cute fall decorations, but I can’t stand tons of clutter, so it is a balancing act.

Now that we have Nolan on the move, I have to be extra careful with what I put out and where the decorations go.  His curious little hands get into everything.  What makes it even harder is that most decorations are glass.  Glass and a one year old that is learning how to walk is not a good combination.

Here are some of the cute fall decorations I put out this year!


My grandma has this adorable jack-o-lantern made for us with our last name in the smile. How cute, right? It is my favorite. She has always had customized ceramics made for the family for the holidays.


I added these cute pumpkins (Target) to a shelf in our dining room.  Easily accessible to our little guy, so these are soft.



First of all, can we please talk about how cute Nolan’s school picture is with his little tie? Ok, so I added these cute little glass pumpkins to our mantle and coffee table tray for a little color and detail.


These candy corns have been amazing.  I found them in a box of holiday decorations my mother in law gave us.  I actually forgot we had them to be honest.  I thought the side table in the living room needed something but know Nolan would constantly be grabbing anything that was on there.  (Exactly why there usually isn’t anything on that table these days.)  Plastic candy corns to the rescue! And, of course, within 1 minute of Nolan waking up from his nap, he discovered the candy corns and had thrown them on the floor. A toy and decoration in one? I’m in.


We always have a candle on our island. I picked up this pumpkin scented candle at Kirkland’s.  It makes the whole house smell amazing.  The thankful pumpkin is from Kirkland’s too. So cute.


Finally, a fall dish takes the place of our usual silver tray on the kitchen table.

Clutter drives me nuts, but trying to swap out our usual decorations temporarily for these festive things makes our house feel like fall and cozy.  Not too long until I can start thinking about Christmas!



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