Weeknight {No Prep} Dinner 

I love the idea of prepping our dinners for the week on Sunday to make things easier after work. I try. I really do.  It just doesn’t always happen.  So, for the nights I get home from work late, have a cranky baby on my hands or am just plain exhausted, I try to keep super easy meals like this on hand.  

This meal can really be made with three or four ingredients.  Fresh or frozen ravioli, sausage and sauce.  Tonight, I used carpeted ravioli, chicken sausage and a combo for marinara and Alfredo sauce. Everything I used happened to be from Aldi so it was so cheap too!  Switch up the kind of sauce, pasta and sauce to what you like or what you have at home.

While the after comes to a boil to cook the pasta, put the sausage in a 375* oven to heat through.  Cook the pasta per the instructions on the package.  Usually that is less than 5 minutes if it is for any busy weeknight dinner.fresh pasta.  Drain the pasta and pour the sauce of your choice in the still hot pot.  Once the sauce is warm, add the pasta back into the pot.  By then, the sausgage will be warm.  Slice it up and serve everything up!

I think this whole meal takes less than 20 minutes so it is perfect for any busy weeknight dinner!


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