Bruschetta Party

I am a huge fan of appetizers. I prefer to eat a few apps rather than a full dinner actually.  One of my favorites is bruschetta. What’s better than that?  A bunch of different kinds of bruschetta!

My best friend of high school is an amazing chef and she came to my house a few weeks ago to have a bruschetta party. I’m obsessed. Check out what we (mostly she) made!

All of the recipes start with toasted French bread or baguette. From there, pile on your favorite toppings.  You really can’t make a bad bruschetta in my mind.

Fresh mozzarella with tomato and basil: mix diced tomato, fresh basil, olive oil, minced garlic and salt. Top the toasted bread with fresh mozzarella and pile on the tomato mixture.  A classic that is never a bad idea.

Roasted strawberries with ricotta and balsamic glaze: slice strawberries, toss with a little bit of olive oil, roast on 350 degrees for about 15 minutes or until they are in and soft. Spread ricott on the toasted bread, add a few strawberries and drizzle the balsamic reduction.  (I usually have store bought balsamic reduction in my fridge, but you can make your own too.). The sweet strawberries with the tangy balsamic with such a great combo.

Caramelized onion with goat cheese: thinly slice and onion, place in pan with oil. Cook on medium low heat for about 30 minutes until they are dark and caramelized. This part takes patience which I don’t always have.  Put a layer of goat cheese on the bread and top with the onions.  So flavorful!

Green apple, honey and Brie: this is probably the easiest one. Put a slice of brie on the toasted bread, add a few slices of green apple and drizzle with honey.  Unexpected and delicious. 

What other combinations do you like? Enjoy!


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